October 2013 Newsletter

october • 10th • 2013

On October 27th, Pump Six

by Paolo Bacigalupi

will be will be the Sci-Fi

Kindle Daily Deal for $1.99

The Beautiful Thing That Awaits Us All

by Laird Barron

Now on Sale for $1.99 at Amazon

(deal expires October 31st)

Neal Asher

Q. Out of all of your books, which book (or series) is your most favorite?

A. Difficult call since I have many favorites for different reason. Of my past books they would be The Skinner and Brass Man, of the three coming out it’s The Departure, but now of course, my favorite is what I’m now working on.

Q. What is your inspiration behind the Owner Series?

A. I wanted to try something different from my usual Polity stories and, just like my Spatterjay series, found inspiration from a few of my previous short stories. These appeared in my collection The Engineer and its second version The Engineer ReConditioned and are Proctors, The Owner and Tiger Tiger.

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Words from Jarred

This month was a great month for Night Shade Books. We secured a deal of the month with Amazon for Laid Barron’s The Beautiful Thing That Await Us all. This is just one of the many marketing efforts Anjelica Jones is securing for our authors. Our Halloween contest has received an overwhelming amount of submissions.Start Publishing’s Meghan Kilduff is actively acquiring Night Shade titles for next year. I encourage everyone to reach out to her with new submissions. We look forward to next year’s releases.

Jarred Weisfeld

Multiple award-winning editor Ellen Datlow knows the darkest corners of fiction and poetry better than most. 

Read the rest of the review of

The Best Horror of the Year

Issue No.

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